Remember, you can always change your protocol once we are in lab!

For this lab you will be submitting two protocols: one for inoculating Bacterial Culture and another for Making and Loading a gel. Please submit them as a file upload. Remember, you can always change your protocol once we are in lab!

Criminal Justice

With that said, what do you think it would take for a person to be an effective drug dealer or smuggler into america, knowing that eventually he/she might be, at best, caught and sent to prison, or worse, killed or have their family members killed?

1. According to Julius Wilson (1935), the “ills of society,” may explain reasons why some people engage in deviant behaviors. The ills of society, for example, may include poverty, materialism, the struggle for power, prominence and prestige, and the love of money. These reasons, true or not, offer some explanations of why some people chose to become drug dealers and smugglers. With that said, what do you think it would take for a person to be an effective drug dealer or smuggler into America, knowing that eventually he/she might be, at best, caught and sent to prison, or worse, killed or have their family members killed?
2. Jeffrey Reiman (1979) posited in his book that “The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Prison.” And for some people, this notion maybe true as selling or smuggling drugs become a way out of family generational cycle of poverty. Most of us would disagree with such options; however, think about this scenario. A friend, who you know comes from a family cycle of abject poverty, confides in you that he/she will be paid $1 million dollars for a one time drug smuggling run into another country. What would you say to this friend of yours?
3. Who would you suspect are the main drug smugglers into our country, the proletariats (the Poor), such as local neighborhood street drug dealers with high school or less education, the immigrants who come into the U.S. as means of survival, or the American bourgeoisies (the Rich) with private airplane jets, and others who do not go through the airport checks points of TSA?
4. The United States of American is one of the most affluent countries in the world. We are a nation of conspicuous consumers (Macionis, 2016), an insatiable appetite that creates profitable market of supply and demand, a demand that, unfortunately, includes huge monetary profits for illegal drug dealers and smugglers into the U.S. What role do you think America’s appetite for illegal drug use plays in drug smuggling into our country?
5. Building a wall between the United States and Mexico has politically romanticized the impression that America’s drug problems, especially the opioid addiction problem, would end once the wall is built. Without denigrating any political regime as people propose ideas they believe could solve America’s drug problems, what are your thoughts on this issue? What ideas do you, yourself, have to solve America’s drugs addiction problem since drug treatment programs are not working for most people?
6. When it comes to the issue of drug problems, globally, what do you think is most responsible for human drug problems, the lust of the flesh – (things that make you and your body feel soo… good), the lust of the eyes – (a state of mind that is always wanting more luxuries of life or to always have more than the “Jones”), or the pride of life – (self-serving, arrogant, boastful, bombastic, an egotistical and exaggerated perception of oneself – you know, “I’m all that plus a bag of ‘chips”)?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the pegged exchange rate?

what are the advantages and disadvantages of the pegged exchange rate?
analyze the effect on the economy of Saudi Arabia (GDP, interest rate, inflation, and trade balance) give two scenarios when there is a dramatically declining world oil or a dramatically increasing world oil price.
All instructions are in the pictures



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4- Write a report on
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we will discuss it separately in class
Write at least 8-
references using the APA style.
Please use simple language
Put the in-text quote in
Additions within the
Describe the ”Byte Products, Inc” industry (competitivity, rivals, growth, stakeholders…). 2 marks
Draw the SWOT matrix for ”Byte Products, Inc”. 2 marks
What is the major problem of ” Byte Products, Inc” and what are the main solutions provided to this company in order to improve its competitive advantage? 2 marks
Describe the plan suggested by the board of directors to improve the demand.
2 marks
What can you recommend to “Byte Products, Inc” in order to improve the demand for its products and ameliorate its competitive advantage? Justify. 2 marks
Section II.Discussion questions (5 marks)
Is social responsibility a driver of a corporate competitive advantage? How? Justify your answer using examples from Saudi Market.3 marks
Briefly describe a successful story of a strategic alliance between two companies from the real (national or international) market.2 marks


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In this activity, we will explore Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset. No one is perfect. In fact, everyone in this COUN 095 course has experienced some level of setback that brought you to this class. The question is… what is your current mindset because you are required to take this class? Do you view it as a failure or as an opportunity to learn and grow?
Watch the short 2-minute video on Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset (Links to an external site.).
After watching the video on Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset write a paragraph about your thoughts and feelings. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Remember that your response is confidential so only I (Professor) will be reading your answers. Feel free to engage in deep self-reflection. Be sure to address the following in your paragraph:Write about one thing you have learned from the video, and be sure to discuss how you will apply it to your life moving forward.
Write about one of your past failures. Then discuss the valuable life lesson you learned from the perceived failure you described.


Apa formatting

I need help with this assignment. All details are in the attached documents. Please try your best. If you need anything else let me know.
By the way my chosen company is Walmart, upon reading the documents you will understand why I say this.
Please include in text citation and AT LEAST 3 ACADEMIC REFERENCES.
Try to be as original as you can because the assignnent will be checked by turnitin software.


Choose a middle eastern organization at which you are currently working or one in which you are familiar.

Each organization has its own background perceptions, ethics, values, history, and ambitions. Therefore, a “one size fits all” change management process may not work in every organization. We must assess and adapt our process to fit the backgrounds and philosophies of each organization.
Given this understanding, we need to research and assess when, and if, an organization is ready for change, and then adopt a process to best facilitate the change process. Choose a Middle Eastern organization at which you are currently working or one in which you are familiar. (If neither is possible, conduct an internet search to identify a Middle Eastern organization which has gone through a transformation process within the last three years.) Then address the following:
Provide a brief summary of the organization (its history, culture, industry, product, and services).
Explain why a change was needed. What is the gap between the present state and the desired future state?
How strong is the need for change?
What is the source of this need? Is it external to the organization?
If the change does not occur, what will be the impact on the organization in the next few years?
Briefly explain if the change process was a success or failure.
Based on what you have learned thus far in the course, evaluate the company’s readiness for change. Were they ready, why or why not? Would you have done anything differently?
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 4-5 pages in length, which does not include the title and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.
Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.

Algorithms & Data Structures

Hello, i need help with recursion

Hello, I need help with Recursion
StringPermutation, StringToDecimal, DecimalToBinary
could we go over this together?


(external link) and complete the assignment below.

You read about Mercury Theater’s radio broadcast by Orson Welles on October 30, 1938. Included below is a clip of the entire broadcast. The broadcast created a national panic and demonstrated the power of radio. Use this link to open YouTube where you can listen to this online episode of “War of the Worlds” (Links to an external site.) (external link) and complete the assignment below.
CONNECT. Name a social media story that had a viral impact like “War of the Worlds. Turnitin will be checking plagiarism.

Data Analytics

Sometimes, you have to ask decision-makers (such as expert of the organization,

1.2.3. Step 3) Find Values of Criteria for Each Alternative
The value of each criterion for each alternative should be provided in this step. Your approach to
find this value can be creative but should be rationale. The approach you will use to measure a
criterion or find its value for each alternative, and the sources of information (for example a data set, website, article, report, etc.) you used to find the value of each criterion for each alternative should be clearly stated in your report. Appropriate referencing should be provided.
Note 3.1. Sometimes you have to use an equation to obtain a value for a criterion. In this case, all notations of the equation should be defined.
Note 3.2. Sometimes, you have to ask decision-makers (such as expert of the organization,
customers of a product/service, people working for a business, etc.) to provide a value for a
criterion. For example, in the supplier evaluation project, you may ask buyers of the company to
evaluate some suppliers (alternatives) based on their after sale services (a qualitative criterion). In
this case, a decision-maker can either used numbers (e.g., ranged from 1 to 10) or linguistic
variables (term used in our natural language to describe some concept that usually has vague
values), such as: very bad, bad, medium, good, very good. Then, to have quantitative values, you
can convert them to numbers (for example: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 or any other types of Likert Scale) to
have a number for a criterion. Another example for the linguistic variables in case you are
investigating if a factor is important can be presented as: not important, less important, fairly
important, important, and very important.
Note 3.3. In case you use experts in a business/organization as decision-makers, the reason they
considered as experts should be clarified, for example, some general information about them
(education, years of experience, etc.) may be provided.
Note 3.4. You may consider weight for each criterion. You can use different approaches to find
the weights for each criterion. One of the approaches, which can be used, is Shannon’s Entropy
Method. After obtaining the weighted criteria, you can use them in the MCDM problem to rank
the alternatives.
1.2.4. Step 4) Solve the Problem by Appropriate MCDM Approach
You will use one (or more) MCDM approach you learned in this class to solve the problem. First,
briefly describe the MCDM method you are going to use. A clear description of its steps should
be provided. All equations should be described and addressed in this step. You may use more than
one MCDM approach and explore/compare the results obtained from each approach. For example,
you can use TOPSIS, SAW, and VIKOR to solve the same problem and discuss/compare the
Note 4.1. Since there are several MCDM approaches in the decision-making literature, and the
class time is limited to cover all of them, it is highly recommended to learn other approaches and
use them in your project.
Note 4.2. There are several free software packages you can use to solve your MCDM problem.
You may use them but I encourage you to use EXCEL to structure your MCDM problem, analyze
it, and provide the answer. In this way, you will learn the mathematical concepts behind each
MCDM approach.
The Alternative are Starbucks, Peet’s coffee,Blue Bottle,Phil’ z coffee and Illy’s coffee. Criteria are cost, quality control, brand influence, location and product innovation.
Do the step3-9. And the final ranking should be Starbucks, Blue Bottle, Phil’z and Illy’s coffee.