Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation and an

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Your advice has helped Largo Global Inc. (LGI) make substantive progress. Now, you must provide the means to achieve this increase in efficiency and productivity. You must recommend a plan for making the strategic investments that will keep LGI moving on a sustainable path.
Your Project 4 business report will focus on which assets to invest in or whether to disinvest. You will identify the types of assets LGI should eventually acquire and/or renew. You will also determine the investments that will help LGI improve its operations and generate the cash flow needed to improve its bottom line.
STEP 1: Prepare for the Project
For the next two weeks, you will focus on an investment strategy that will increase the efficiency and productivity of LGI to keep the company moving in the right direction. You will pay attention to which assets to invest in and divest from to generate cash flow and improve the bottom line. Log into O’Reilly by following these instructions and complete the required reading.
Step 2: Review and Practice
Using the Project 4 Review and Practice Guide, review investment techniques to set LGI on a path toward a sustainable future. Then apply what you have learned by completing the exercises and problems referenced in the Project 4 Review and Practice Guide.
You must review the guide and do the practice exercises and problems so that you
are prepared to have informed discussions with your team about LGI’s investment strategy,
understand which assets LGI should acquire and/or renew, and
can use this information to make recommendations for improvements.
Complete this review and practice by the end of Week 7.
Step 3: Participate in the Required Project 4 Discussion
You have finished reviewing the material and performing the exercises, but you have some questions. Participate in the Project 4 class discussion. Respond to the two questions below by posting in the discussion; then, respond to two of your classmates’ discussion posts by the end of the week. Discussion
1.Discuss the concepts that were most challenging for you in the readings and review material. How did the practice exercises help clarify these?
2.What did you learn that will help you determine which assets to invest in and where to disinvest to help LGI improve its operations, generate cash flow, and improve the bottom line?
Your team has provided you with an Excel workbook containing LGI’s financials. You will use the Project 4 Excel workbook to perform discounting of cash flow and valuation calculations.
Complete the analysis calculation for the project:
Download the Project 4 Excel Workbook, click the Instructions tab, and read the instructions.
Calculate and evaluate the investment choices using the worksheets.
Step 5: Prepare the Analysis Report for Project 4
You have developed an in-depth understanding of LGI’s operating efficiency as it relates to costing and its impact on the bottom line. You feel confident that your investment choices will positively boost LGI’s productivity and improve the company’s operations. LGI will finally be on a path of a sustainable future. Answer the questions in the Project 4 Questions – Report Template document. Prepare your analysis report including recommendations for how the company can improve its financial situation.
Complete the analysis report:
Download the Project 4 Questions – Report Template
Read the instructions.
Answer all the questions.
Include your recommendations.

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