Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need an explanatio

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Module 05 Content
Scenario:You have just received a recent promotion in your U. S.-based company that is acquiring an organization located in Sweden. Your new role is the human resource manager who works in the U.S. but is responsible for the Sweden locations and branches. The VP of Human Resources asks you to develop a change management plan to assist the organization’s Swedish employees to understand the human resources implications of being owned by a U. S. based organization. For this change management plan, discuss obstacles and challenges that should be addressed when considering international human resource management.It is essential to research Swedish employment practices and apply these concepts across your global operations to create a high-performing global organization. Please use your research to support why your suggested implementation process is needed.Instructions:In a Word document and from your viewpoint as an IHRM, your change management plan should include:Include at least three change management initiatives for Sweden.
Explain the IHRM role in managing each initiative described above.
Apply a model (Matching, Contextual, European, 5Ps) to manage each global initiative described above.
Following University guidelines, provide attribution for credible sources used in the development of the change management plan.
As always, please keep your audience in mind and use correct grammar and spelling
Resources:FAQ: How do I find country reports and data?
Meet with the Business Librarian for research support and library database help.
APA Guide
Grammarly provides immediate feedback to help you proofread your work.
Use the Writing Lab for detailed feedback to help you fine-tune your work before you submit it for grading.
Suggested Library DatabasesAtoZ World Cultures (find country and cultural information)
Business Source Complete via EBSCO (find articles)
ProQuest One Business (find articles)
Ebooks and Academic Ebooks via EBSCO (find articles)
Suggested WebsiteSweden’s Ministry of Employment

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