Learning Goal: I’m working on a c# practice test / quiz and need guidance to hel

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a c# practice test / quiz and need guidance to help me learn.
Assignment 2 I/O and Arithmetic
Goal: In this unit, we learned about the different arithmetic operators and using input and output in C. In this program, you will practice these skills.
The objective here is that you get familiar with the arithmetic operators and follow along. More code is better than less code for this part. It must be a program that compiles and runs.
Part1.[80 points] In this part you will solve a problem described in English.
You are going to write one C program that asks the user to input two numbers. Then your program should output the difference (subtraction) of those two numbers, product (multiplication) of the same two numbers that the user entered, and the square of each of the two numbers. To square a number, multiply the number by itself.
You can use the int data type for this assignment. Please note that your program should work for any two numbers entered by the user and not just those shown in following test case scenario. You need to write only one program that accomplishes all the required tasks of subtraction, squaring and multiplication.
Interaction with your program might look like this:
Enter the first number: 7
You entered 7
Enter the second number: 5
You entered 5
The difference is 2.
The product is 35.
Square of 7 is 49.
Square of 5 is 25.
Thank you.
Part 2.[20 points] – Research and write definitions for the following terms-
C Source Code
computer language
computer program
Flow Chart
Logic Error
order of operations
Pseudo Code
Syntax Error
Text Editor
Submission requirements:
Paste the C source code for Part 1 to a word document, and attach a screenshot of compiled result.
Include answers for part 2 terms in the same Word document.
Send email in Canvas if you are stuck, or if there is something in this that you are confused about.
Notice the due date on this one and plan accordingly.
This quiz is comprised of 10 multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of what we have learned in the first two modules in these areas:
data types
programming fundamentals.
You have two attempts to take this quiz and unlimited time for each attempt.

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