Data Engineering

Learning Goal: I’m working on a data engineering exercise and need a sample draf

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a data engineering exercise and need a sample publish to help me learn.
you will have developed a handout for first-year students in your field to make the argument that probability and statistics are essential tools for your future careers. With this preliminary assignment, you will collect, review, and start to document the information you will use to complete the final document. Detailed directions and an assignment template to be used for submittal are below.
For this preliminary assignment you will
Collect the literature (input sources) needed to understand and explain what work probability and statistics enable people in your field to accomplish. [DONE]
Review and analyze the provided dataset and develop a table summarizing the findings relevant to the argument in your IDL 1 Final.
Element 1: The Use of Statistics In [Your Field] [DONE]
In addition to an introduction and conclusion IDL 1 Final will include two sections that support the argument you are making. The first element of the body of your handout will present to first year students 3 services your field provides for which probability and statistics are essential for the completion of the work. You will:
Identify the service (i.e., quality assurance)
Identify what that service is by providing a brief explanation of the service
Identify how probability and/or statistics are used to enable completion of the work. This description will make a clear distinction of the use of statistics and the use of probability (refer to your textbook’s definitions).
Element 2: Probability and Statistics Literacy will Enhance Your Employability [NEED HELP]
In the second section you will use data provided as evidence of the importance of probability and statistics in getting a job when you graduate. This will include:
A written argument [In the assignment sheet] [4-5 Sentences]
A table, referenced in the argument that clearly presents the data to support your argument
Element 3: Reference List [NEED HELP]
Work to Submit: Using the reference list items from above and any extra sources you plan to use, create an APA formatted reference list. You will have a minimum of 4 sources. It is important that your reference listings have the correct information, in the correct order, and that the items and list are formatted correctly. For the reference section, make sure the listings are alphabetized so they can be easily found. Use the APA formatting resources in your reading to help you with this. BEWARE: citation generators are often wrong; you can start with them BUT must revise any that are incorrect.
Element 4: Appealing to your Audience [NEED HELP]
Think about and describe a significant, shared aspirational goal or goals of young professionals entering the field. In the example you will see for architecture students this is to design iconic buildings.
Develop a thesis statement
Deliverable: Use the provided assignment template [PROVIDED] for your assignment, following the example [PROVIDED]

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