Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanat

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
1.3 Unit 1: Discussion Board (GRADED DISCUSSION)
3131 unread replies.3131 replies.
Initial post due by Thursday at 11:59 pm | Replies due by Sunday at 11:59 pm
Prompt: Intake hearings and screenings do the following: Determine if the juvenile should be released to the parent’s custody or have further action taken by the court.
I. Review the 60 Minutes video titled “the murder of an American Nazi “from the link below. The video is accessible via YouTube and unfortunately cannot be embedded.
The murder of American Nazi (link) (Links to an external site.)
Jeff Hall (Links to an external site.)
II. Summarize the circumstances of the case in your own words.
III. Respond to the questions below:
*Q: You are the assigned intake officer at Riverside Juvenile Hall when young Joseph H. is arrested and transported to the institution. What considerations are relevant in determining the best strategy for dealing with the young boy and his conduct?
*Q: At what age are juveniles truly capable of understanding the seriousness of their actions?
REMEMBER that your initial response should have a minimum of 350-500 words. Expressing an opinion is not enough. You will be evaluated on the consistency and quality of your posts to the weekly discussion board. I will primarily be looking for how well you support your comments. I expect you to work to make meaning of the material of the course. I look for depth of engagement, as well as the level of critical thinking and inquiry. Success hinges on keeping up with readings, and referring to them as much as possible when you do respond.
Read the post and then respond accordingly by Thursdays @11:59 p.m. Once you have posted your initial answer, you must post a minimum of one follow-up post by Sunday @11:59 p.m. Your follow-up post may be either a further response to the initial post or a response to one of your classmates’ initial posts.
As a reminder, you are not sending out a text message or tweet, so when writing your post, use proper English, grammar, and writing mechanics.
Use the “Reply” icon to start your discussion. Once you type and spell-check your thread, use the “Post Reply” icon to submit your thoughts. Use can also review the Canvas video Links to an external site.on posting discussions.
Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.
Additional resources for this assignment
Discussion toolHow do I reply to a discussion as a student? (Links to an external site.)
Canvas Student Guides, Discussion Topic List (Links to an external site.)
RubricThis assignment is graded with a rubric. Use these resources for rubric viewing and viewing your grade.
How do I view the rubric for my graded discussion? (Links to an external site.)
How do I view the rubric for my assignment? (Links to an external site.)
How do I view rubric results for my assignment? (Links to an external site.)
Grading Rubric
The “Rubric” for the discussion board can be viewed by clicking the three-dot menu at the top of the page.
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