Learning Goal: I’m working on a english presentation and need an explanation and

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Develop and deliver a multimedia presentation based on an original analysis of our course texts. Draw sources about the topic from the Unit 2 texts in the Course Reader and the Unit 2 Folder on Canvas [See the Unit 2 Sources Folder in the Modules section], as well as from anything you would like to incorporate from Unit 1. Think about the various contexts of our time and use one as a focal point for your analysis—but feel free to “personalize” this project by exploring your own experiences within the subject and course theme.
You might consider, for example, how your own connection to the subjects or ideas for post-pandemic reform—perhaps in terms of jobs, educational goals, social concerns, community needs, or future prosperity—might help you explore and expand the extant conversation about the issue(s) related to your subject.
To set the conversation of your project, you’ll be using at least five sources, one (or more) from each of the following types:
The Unit 2 Folder Sources [see the Modules section of Canvas]The Harari ChapterThe Klein or Bastani ChapterThe Unit 1 Authors
Your goals are to identify a specific problem, analyze the current set of solutions your readings present, and then create an original argument that responds to a gap in that conversation. This argument may draw from any of the texts we have read in this course, and often the best presentations draw connections to various issues and sources we have discussed throughout the quarter. Consider the TED Talk a culminating showcase of your growth arc during the quarter; marshal the full suite of our course skills and techniques to the best of your ability.
Presentations will be pre-recorded via Zoom with illustrative slides (I recommend Google Slides). Your camera should be engaged, and the presentation should be between 6 – 8 minutes in duration.
Submit via Canvas by 12:00PM Pacific Time on the due date posted on the course schedule.
Final course contract letter grades will be posted in the Canvas Grade Book slot for The TED Talk
Minimum Requirements for a “Pass” ( ✓) Grade for The TED Talk assignment:
Your camera must be engaged to record yourself giving the presentation.Your presentation must address the required course texts and add to the conversation.Your presentation must be at least 6 minutes in duration.Your presentation must use illustrative slides to accompany your argument.

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