Learning Goal: I’m working on a finance exercise and need an explanation and ans

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a finance exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Office budget, Spend Plan, and JustificationPE Spend Plan
Your Resource Manager provided you the FY20 Requirements (See FY20_21 Tab). After discussing with your Staff Judge Advocate (SJA), he would like for you to request an overall increase of 20% (he does not care where you provide the increase in funding). You reviewed your historical spending (Historical Data tab), you realize you need more funding to support professional development. You don’t need any more funding to support either of the other requirements. Once you figure out the increase of the funding, you will need to develop a 12-month spend plan based on the fiscal year (Oct – Sep). Note the following:
1. The CyberFeds contract is initiated/paid in July;
2. Most of your professional development (training) occurs between the months of May – August, with a few outliers in Nov and Feb and one TDY the first part of September;
3. Your SJA would like to make one Staff Assisted Visit (SAV -mission travel) at least once a quarter and would like her Senior Civilian to travel with her as well;
4. Spread the other commitments across the fiscal year;
5. Your calculations must be accurate; you don’t have to spread your funding evenly over the 12 months but must ensure you account for every $.
6. The historical data tab can give you some insight as to how the $ was spent previously: a. Codes are as follows: SJA FAIR LABOR STD ACT LITIGATION, LABOR COUNSELOR COURSE, PROF DEV (Professional Development), TDY SAV (Mission Travel), MISC OBS (Attorney Bar Fees), SUPPLIES; and
7. Don’t forget, your office hired a new attorney. Her bar dues at $500.00 and she will pay her dues in December.

Work Product for Grade Should Include:
1. Complete the FY21 Requirements Tab: (don’t forget the 20% increase); justification and POC information.
2. Develop your spend plan over the fiscal year. The spend plan is how your G8 will ensure you have funding available based on the month and the $ amount you submit.
3. Total $ amounts should be reflected as whole dollars (no cents) and ensure all spreadsheets detail the total dollar amount spent.
4. Feel free to add comments to show your rationale. Remember, you’re SJA is a stickler for information and accuracy.
5. Your SJA is pretty savvy on the computer and loves formulas in spreadsheets
OSJA_FY21 Cash Award Target_Exercise.
1. Instructions for completing this exercise are in Tab 1 of the spreadsheet. Follow the instructions very closely (attention to detail is a crucial characteristic of a legal administrator).
2. This exercise evaluates your ability to follow instructions, correctly calculate spending, and provide accurate information to your leadership for decision making.
3. Remember, if you were a legal administrator, this is a project you would provide to your leadership as a decision-making tool. Although it is an exercise, take pride in the work product you submit.

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