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Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need guidance to h

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need guidance to help me learn.
further expounding on the topic or clarifying related coding guidelines. Responses should further add to the conversation (not repeat what was already stated or explain the obvious). Responses need to contain at least one reference and the response should be around 250 words to be substantive.
The code that I chose is T75.01XA. This code is a diagnostic code for reimbursement purposes. Additionally, T75.01XA is billable. This diagnostic code is “Shock due to being struck by lightning, initial encounter” (ICD10Data, 2022). Also, in terms of being used, the 7th character, “A” specifically means it is an initial encounter (ICD List, 2022). ICD List also explains that, “According to ICD-10-CM Guidelines an ‘initial encounter’ doesn’t necessarily means ‘initial visit.’ The 7th character should be used when the patient is undergoing active treatment regardless if new or different providers saw the patient over the course of a treatment” (2022). This is interesting because it truly depends on the situation the patient is in. The shock could be in the form of physical or cognitive symptoms. I did not see any exemptions for this code but T75.01XA has correlations with other codes referred to as annotation back-references. For example, T75.0 is the code for “effects of lightning” (ICD10Data, 2022). That code is very broad and can be elaborated more, so that is why it relates to T75.01XA. The two other codes (annotation back-references) are S00-T88 and T75. S00-T88 is ”Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes” and T75 is “Other and unspecified effects of other external causes” (ICD10Data, 2022). T75.01XA is also included in the Diagnostic Related Groups such as 922 and 923.
Dylan was training for his first marathon and spent a lot time preparing for inclement weather that may occur during his race. Dylan has experience with running in the rain, but each time, he was near his house with enough time to dry off and cool down, appropriately. For this one run, Dylan decided he wanted to do his 10-mile training session in a field where there were hills and open land. He forgot to check the weather that day since his mind was clouded with thoughts about the race being so soon. His parents were going to fly out to see the race, so he really wanted to make his parents proud. Dylan parks his car and starts his run in the field. There were only a couple trees throughout that he stopped under for a water break. Dylan finishes his run, but it started to sprinkle. The sprinkle turned into a downpour, then he heard the thunder. Without getting his phone completely wet to see the time and the weather app to see when the storm would calm down, Dylan runs under one of the trees. As the thunder grew louder and rain poured harder, it was just a matter of time Dylan felt this pain throughout his body. His head started to hurt and felt weird sensations. He had just realized lightning struck the tree he was standing under. He calls 911 and is admitted into the hospital. With the doctors trying to treat Dylan, they used the code, T75.01XA since his symptoms of being shocked were directly correlated to the lightning.
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