Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature discussion question and need an expla

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
-The Misfit doesn’t want to kill the family. But after the Misfit and his two convicts’ killer friends escape from prison on murder charges. The Misfit seems to be out for revenge on anyone. Because Misfit says that he was sent to prison for something that he cannot remember doing. However, The Misfit kills the grandmother, and the two friends kill the family. Neither Misfits nor his friend had no feelings of sorry in their hearts for killing this family. They feel enjoyable about it, especially Misfit. The three killer convicts had the devil and evil in them. Those three killer convicts remain you of what going on in today’s world. An evil-hearted person walks into school, store, church, and drive-by shoots killing innocent children and adults, and does not care at all. In my opinion, If the grandmother would have told her only son Bailey that she was wrong about the direction. Bailey would find the right direction and nothing of this would not happen. All the family would be still alive, evening the grandmother. But the grandmother was proud and selfish, to tell the truth. She rather keeps her mouth close. Which causes the grandmother and the family to follow into the danger pass way of three killer convicts the misfits, and his two friends.
-What does the grandmother’s relationship to her family tell us about her personality? The grandmother’s relationship with her family displayed her as a small-minded and selfish. She prone to making remarks to her son Bailey. She also tried to manipulate him into doing what she wants. She is portrayed as hypocritical and self-absorbed because she does not care about or consider other people’s feelings. The story mainly focused on the grandmother whose selfish behavior leads to a sudden tragic end for her family.
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