Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need support to

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need support to help me learn.
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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2022) describes practice improvement strategies as resources and strategies that health systems and clinicians can adopt to assist in the delivery of safe, quality, and high-value healthcare. Interdisciplinary healthcare providers can utilize evidence-based tools and training resources to help address beneficial changes for the delivery of the best possible patient care. In doing so, collaborative practice among interdisciplinary healthcare professional would require professionals from different backgrounds to provide comprehensive services by working with patients, families, and communities to deliver the highest quality of care across healthcare settings (Green & Johnson, 2022). Studies have shown that interdisciplinary collaboration has led to improved efficiency, skills mix, levels of responsiveness, more holistic patient care services, innovation, creativity, and improved patient safety. Additionally, it has been associated with decreased length of hospital stay, staff turnover, and mortality rates (Green & Johnson, 2015).
One collaborative method that can be used to advocate for practice improvement strategy is better utilization of staff resources to meet the need patients for a timely transition/discharge from the acute care community hospital practicum setting to rehabilitation centers in the community setting by case managers seven days a week, including weekends, versus the standard five days, from Monday to Friday. Collaboration efforts would necessitate engaging stakeholders, such as unit directors who are in part responsible for budgeting, hiring, and overseeing scheduling; case manager who would need to be accepting of scheduled changes to include weekend work to facilitate the needs of patients; and external stakeholders, such as skilled nursing facility professionals who would also need to have the appropriate staff available to coordinate transition of care during the weekend hours, as well. The ability to implement such staffing resource changes would be beneficial in numerous ways, including decreased the unnecessary length of hospital stay and healthcare cost savings to the patient and delays in achieving patient outcomes

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