Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing multi-part question and need an explanat

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Discussion Board 1
In this Discussion, you will apply the epidemiologic concepts of time, place, and person to a specific population health problem. You will also consider methods for obtaining data to study an issue.
To prepare:
Examine Table 2.2 in your Curley textbook. Select a topic from the table to use for this Discussion. (We can write on Diabetes, Cancer or any other topic of your choice from table 2.2)
Locate two scholarly articles that provide background information about the problem.
Identify a specific population affected by your selected health problem.
Research the patterns of the disease in your selected population using the epidemiologic characteristics of person, place, and time.
Consider methods for obtaining data to examine the association you selected.
Ask yourself: How would the methods I select influence the accuracy of case identification, definition, and diagnosis?
By Day 3 of Week 2
Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:
Describe your selected health problem using the epidemiologic model (person, place, and time), with a focus on the population affected by this problem.
Discuss sampling methods you could use to collect primary data to describe and study your health problem.
Identify two secondary data sources that you could use to collect the data needed to address this topic.
Explain how these methods and sources would influence the completeness of case identification as well as the case definition/diagnostic criteria used.
Assignment 2
To prepare:
Consider a variety of population health problems and then select one of professional interest on which to focus for this Assignment. (We can write on obesity, asthma, or any one of your choosing from table 2.2)
Explore three data sources (data sets) presented in the Learning Resources that could aid you in describing the population and magnitude of the problem you selected. Consider the strengths and limitations of each data source.
The Assignment
In 3 pages analyze the data sources you selected by addressing the following:
Briefly identify the population health problem you selected.
Identify each data set you selected.
Identify the variables in each data set you would need to examine the association of interest.
Assess the validity of each data set. Has it been used for prior studies/publications?
Explain challenges you might face as a researcher in identifying a proper data set or securing permission to use it.To Prepare
Consider an
association between a risk factor and a particular health outcome that is
of interest to you. Table 2.2, in Curley, has some excellent options. You
may use this to guide your selection of topics or select your own population
health topic.
Then, select an
observational OR experimental study design you think would be the most
appropriate for exploring this association. You may select from any of the
designs covered in this module.

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