Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need a sample publish

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need a sample publish to help me learn.
I need a 3 page genetic paper on Trisomy X syndrome to include references written in APA 7th edition format.
Purpose: Students will explore the genetic transmission and resulting pathophysiology of a specific
disease/disorder of interest to the nurse practitioner student.
General Guidelines: Select a disease/disorder state that is a result of a genetic alteration. This is a formal
paper, formatted and referenced per APA guidelines. The paper should be no more than 3 pages (excluding
title page and references). A title page is required but will not count in your page total. You are not required to
use subheadings in this paper given the short length of the document. Content that exceeds the 3-page limit
will not be graded.
Include a minimum of 3 references – the McCance & Huether text is a starting point and is NOT
included in the 3 references but may be included in citations. You may not use direct quotes. You may not
reference the PowerPoint slides/lecture. The paper should reflect a synthesis of your research and understanding
of the information. References should be dated within the previous 6 years.
The information below indicates the areas of content expected to be included in the paper. Refer to the
grading rubric in the publish and the SUBMISSION areas for specific grading criteria details.
Guidelines/Grading Criteria
I. State why the specific genetic disorder was chosen for the paper. **Please note that in this section use of a
personal pronoun is acceptable to state why the topic was selected.** (5 pts)
II. Describe the genetic disease/disorder, including incidence/prevalence across genders and ethnic groups, and
specific populations/ages at risk/affected. Include the specific gene/locus affected, patterns of transmission (e.g.
parent to child; affected individual to their children), and risk of transmission each pregnancy. (20 pts)
III. Explain how the genetic disease/disorder alters normal physiology and how the genetic alteration manifests.
(35 pts)
IV. Describe how the genetic disease/disorder is diagnosed and tested before and following birth. (10 pts)
V. List 3 specific teaching points to provide a patient/family regarding the genetics of the disease/disorder (may
use bullet points for this content). May include genetic transmission, counseling, specific resources available,
life expectancy, etc. Does not include manifestations, therapy, treatment options. (15 pts)
VI. Present information in a scholarly manner (clear, grammatically correct) and reflect synthesis of information
from sources. Includes UTA title page (sample in Canvas). Use APA format for citations and references.
Conforms to 3-page length. (15 pts).
Use the following grading rubics: Genetics Paper – Grading Rubric (1) (1) (1)
Statement regarding why topic was chosen for paper.
5 pts
Full marks
Statement included.0 pts
No marks
Not addressed./ 5 pts
Description of the genetic disease/disorder including incidence/prevalence across populations, specific gene locus, and transmission.
20 pts
Full Marks
All areas addressed and complete.10 pts
Partial Mastery
Areas noted in the criteria are missing and/or not accurate. A minimum of 2 pts. are deducted for each missing area.0 pts
No Marks
Not addressed/ 20 pts
Explanation of how the genetic defect/disease alters normal physiology and how the alteration manifests
view longer description
35 pts
Full Marks
All areas addressed and clearly explained.20 pts
Partial Mastery
Explanation incomplete or major criteria not addressed0 pts
No Marks
Not addressed OR explanation basic and lacks explanation of how defect alters normal physiology and manifests./ 35 pts
Description, explanation of how the genetic alteration is diagnosed and presence tested (before and following birth).
view longer description
10 pts
Full Marks
Addressed both prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and assessment.5 pts
Partial mastery
Incomplete – does not address both prenatal and postal diagnosis or assessment0 pts
No Marks
Not addressed/ 10 pts
Three teaching points regarding the genetics of the disorder
view longer description
15 pts
Full Marks
LISTS 3 teaching points. All teaching points are related to genetics; does not include treatment and/or complications.10 pts
Partial Mastery
Variable information – not all points relate to genetics. 5 pts. are deducted for each teaching point not related to genetics.0 pts
No Marks
Not addressed OR teaching points not related to genetics./ 15 pts
Information presented in a scholarly manner using APA format. Includes UTA title page. Conforms to 3 page limit.
view longer description
15 pts
Full Marks
UTA cover page without errors. APA format correct – references and citations. No grammar errors. Conforms to 3 pg limit.10 pts
Partial Mastery
No more than 6 errors in APA format or grammar OR UTA title page incomplete OR Paper exceeds 3 page limit (PLEASE NOTE that information exceeding 3 pages will not be evaluated and thus deductions may be made in other criteria).0 pts
No Marks
Numerous APA, grammar, title page errors./ 15 pts
Total Points: 0

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