Learning Goal: I’m working on a theater writing question and need a sample publish

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a theater writing question and need a sample publish to help me learn.
Please read carefully and everything is mentioned, thank you.
Performance Analysis, 3-page paper, double spaced, due September 9th(Friday) 5 pm based on PST time zone.
I would like to get a publish by Tuesday so I can get some advice from the instructor and then revise it before submission.
Throughout the session, lectures and readings have covered multiple roles of performers in Asia and identified the significances of their actions on and (sometimes) off the stage. For instance, we have looked at BTS’s incorporation of traditional Korean dance in “Idol” (what the performer is doing) as a way to promote Korean culture around the globe (the significance of the performer’s action).
For this paper, you are asked to do the same: choose a popular culture performer from Asia from outside course material. In 3 pages, analyze what the performer is doing in a particular performance to identify the significance of their actions.
Please develop an argument about how your performer enacts what they are doing and a potential significance of that action. In other words, what does your performer use (examples may include: story, gesture, commentary, facial expressions, costume, etc.) to complete a particular action (ex: participation in religious worship, engaging with fans, promoting cultural understanding, and others).
Remember, you cannot address every significant action of a particular performer and their performance. Your paper may cover one or two of these actions and their significances, but not all of them! This focused close reading should be 3 pages, double-spaced and incorporate evidence (description of your performer and their performance).
This paper focuses on performance analysis: you will not have a script to analyze and quote from. Instead, you will select clips from a performance and integrate thick descriptions of what that performer is doing as your evidence.
Please note: You MAY NOT write about any course material, including BTS or Naomi Watanabe since these popular culture performers were covered at length in the course content (but you may choose other K-pop groups or other celebrity figures from Asia). The purpose of this paper is for you to choose your own performance from Asia, NOT Asian-American! For example, if a movie featuring Jackie Chan was produced in Asia, it is an Asian performance; while if it was produced in the US, it is not an Asian performance.

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