Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need a sample dr

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need a sample publish to help me learn.
FYI: Each Project Instruction page will begin with that project’s Learning Objectives, which are your goals for the project’s Deliverables and, as you can see from the rubric, the basis for your instructor’s assessment of your work.
Practice writing various forms of business correspondence and documents (i.e., email, letters, memos)
Address purpose and audience in business correspondence
Practice selecting the appropriate correspondence genre (i.e., email, letters, memos) for a specific rhetorical situation
Develop a professional writing style, paying particular attention to concision (i.e., avoiding wordiness), paragraph construction, and tone
The “Scenarios” section below contains multiple workplace scenarios, each requiring three correspondences. Choose one of the scenarios and produce the requested three correspondences for that one scenario only. Save all three correspondences in one document.Students are responsible for determining the content and genre (email, letter, or memo) of each of the three correspondences, based on each correspondence’s purpose and audience. Content:As you consider the content of each of your correspondences, note that each scenario is nuanced, with multiple stakeholders [interested/affected parties] who may have conflicting interests and with whom you have different relationships. Therefore, you need to consider the purpose and audience for each correspondence carefully.
Tip: Note that employee information is confidential between the employee and management, so when you are addressing an issue involving an employee’s mistake, how you deal with the employee should not be communicated to an outside party.
Genre:To format your correspondences, use this guide: Genre Format Examples.pdf Download Genre Format Examples.pdf.
Tip: You will need to use at least two of the genres you have learned (email, memo, letter) and perhaps all three. In addition, although letters and memos are sometimes attached to emails, ignore that point for this project; instead, use the genre most appropriate for each correspondence.
Choose ONE of the following scenarios:SCENARIO 1You are a medical administrative assistant at LabTech, a local diagnostic lab office where patients have blood work and other tests done as requested by their physicians. Your primary responsibilities are scheduling appointments, processing patient and insurance information, and communicating with patients.Recently, you have received a complaint from Alex Lott, who called on behalf of their mother, Heather Lott. They state that upon arriving at the office, their mother was asked to fill out paperwork on a tablet. While using the tablet, Heather Lott realizes that the forms have not been made accessible to a screen reader, nor do the images include alternative text. Due to advanced cataracts, Ms. Lott is unable to access and understand the required paperwork; therefore, she cannot complete it since she mainly utilizes assistive technology on her personal computer to read information on digital screens. The assistive technology she uses is a computer screen reader program, which reads screen text aloud and describes text and images to the user.Alex Lott requests that LabTech hire interpreters to guide each patient in the office and that they modify their intake documentation practices and policies. You realize that this request is not feasible; not only does LabTech not have the funds but there are other avenues to make the intake process more accessible. Because you want to make sure your workplace is accessible for everyone, you have some work to do. You not only need to bring this to the attention of your main office manager, but you also need to contact Alex Lott to follow up. You also need to request information from the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) National Network to see what kind of modifications are needed for effective communication.CORRESPONDENCES:
• Document to Adeel Acevedo, your main office manager
• Document to Alex Lott
• Document to ADA national networkSCENARIO 2As the Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) at Shady Palms Assisted Living Community in Coral Gables, FL, you oversee staff and compliance issues, among many other duties. After lunch on May 6th, Ruby Fenton, age 78, fell as she was leaving the bathroom of her apartment. She was assisted by CNA Matt Connor, who was helping prepare her for a nap. Following an examination, Dr. Marta Orr, the doctor on call that day, determined that Ruby’s injuries were not serious, but recommended follow-up care with a wound specialist for an abrasion on Ruby’s right foot, due to concerns about complications from diabetes.Facility policy dictates that family members should be contacted by staff immediately after an incident involving a patient. Matt called Ruby’s daughter Linda at her home number, and, when she did not answer, left a voicemail telling Ms. Fenton what happened and what Dr. Orr recommended. When Ms. Fenton received the message, she was incensed. She immediately contacted the facility demanding to know why Matt left a voicemail instead of contacting her directly. You begin investigating the situation immediately.You learn that Matt violated Shady Palm’s privacy policies when he left a telephone message that detailed both her medical condition and treatment plan. Your investigation also indicated that Health Information Privacy & Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements regarding confidential communications were not followed because Matt left the message at Linda’s home telephone number despite Ruby’s instructions to reach her daughter at work during business hours.
To resolve the situation, you revised Shady Palms’s policies regarding how much information could be supplied in a telephone message. Employee training communicated these new minimum information requirements and provided specific directions as to what information could be left in a message. Additionally, employees were trained to review patient registration information regarding contact directives before making calls. The new procedures were incorporated into standard staff privacy training, both as part of a refresher series and mandatory yearly compliance training.CORRESPONDENCES:Document to Linda Fenton, who complained to Florida’s Complaint Administration Unit, which handles complaints about the quality of care received in Florida’s health care facilities
Document to FL Department of Elder Affairs responding to notification of the facility’s the HIPAA violation
Document to nursing home staff explaining new procedures and why they are important
SCENARIO 3You work as the scheduler at SupportStudents, the university’s mental health clinic. Today, Samuel Marquenas called with a complaint: he had an appointment yesterday to see his therapist, but the appointment was not saved in the system. When Samuel arrived at the mental health clinic, he was told he did not have an appointment, and he was unable to see his therapist. You were able to get Samuel another appointment later in the week, but he is very upset and demanding to speak to your manager about the missed appointment.Upon discussion with the front office staff, you learn the scheduler did not take the extra step to click Save after entering the appointment. You will need to reach out to the staff to reinforce scheduling protocol to prevent this from happening again. You will also need to follow up with Samuel. Finally, you will need to communicate with the director of the mental health clinic, Ali Smith, to update them on the situation.
CORRESPONDENCES: Document to the front office staff
Document to Samuel Marquenas
Document to Ali Smith
There are two deliverables for this project, a First and Final publish of the Document Series. Each publish must contain all three correspondences, saved in one PDF file. Planning your work: To help you decide the content and genre of each correspondence, you will first complete an exercise that asks you to perform a PAD analysis for one of your correspondences. You will submit your analysis to a discussion board, where you can then review and consider your classmates’ analyses. After considering your classmates’ work, update your own analysis if needed, and then perform a PAD analysis of each of the other two correspondences.These analyses will help you ensure you are addressing your purpose and audience in each correspondence, and have chosen the most appropriate genres. When your analyses are done, compose a First publish of this Document Series, which should consist of all three correspondences (not the PAD analyses), saved in one PDF file.First publish Submission: To submit the First publish of your Document Series (three correspondences in one PDF file), see the M1.2 Deliverable: Document Series First publish assignment.

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